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21 May 2023


Do you want to know too!? On Thursday, May 25th at 10.30pm  you can find out when it is played at Theatre Tribunalen's performing arts festival! The event is free and the show is a 30 minute self-written comic crime drama. Welcome!

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News updates for Dies Caligo

6 April 2023

An excerpt from Dies Caligo has been shown at the Slottsbiografen in Uppsala under the auspices of Region Uppsala, when they had a screening evening with locally produced short films. The film has also been shown in Athens - and won an Honorable Mention. As the top three candidates to win the Best Picture category. Whereupon it received the following laurel.

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Dies Caligo.jpg

Cinema Premiere for costume drama Dies Caligo!

12 October 2022

Premiere for the film Dies Caligo, a 1800th century costume drama. The premiere was held at Filmhuset in Stockholm.

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Multiple international awards for horror film Eihwaz!

21 June 2022

Awards recieved for Eihwaz :
BEST HORROR - Amsterdam Short Film Festival 
BEST HORROR SHORT - Hollywood International Golden Age Festival
BEST HORROR -  London New Wav Film Festival 
BEST HORROR - Short Film Awards 
BEST HORROR SHORT - Independent Shorts Award 
Finalist - Santa Barbara Shorts Festival 
Semi-Finalist - Dallas Movie Awards Festival May 
Semi-Finalist - Austin International Art Festival

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Eihwaz_Poster 2-3_Eng.png

Cinema Premiere for Horror Film Eihwaz!

15 March 2022

March 28 the horror film Eihwaz premieres in Cinema Maxim in Laholm! Make sure to get your ticket here:

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News: Nyheter

Isabelle Pedone now represented by Agency Swedish Actors

10 March 2022

Isabelle Pedone is represented by Agency Swedish Actors:


The theatre 'Hello and Goodbye' is playing again!

10 November 2021

Tickets for the show Hello and Goodbye by Athol Fugard are now available again! The first performance kicks off on November 12th and continues on November 13th, 18th and 20th at Teaterverket Västman! In the roles of Hester and Johnny, we see Isabelle Pedone and Jörgen Bengtsson. Directed by Bijan Mirnikjoo, music Jalil Mirnikjoo.

Get your ticket here: ​


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The Official Movie Premiere of Feature Film The Redneg is here!

3 Mars 2021

The Feature Film The Redneg is now realesed and on streaming services: Amazon Prime, Google Play, Youtube and Itunes!



A post-apocalyptic adventurefilm produced by Jake Sakima who is also acting in the movie as the main character Nolan, directed by Luc Ziann and actors in the roles as warriors we see Vivianne Treschow, Isabelle Pedone, Felicia Englund, Emelie Dahlskog, Astrid Johnsson, Inna Syzonenko and Elisabeth Kovacs.

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The Redneg Premieres Worldwide on Film Platforms Mars 2:nd 2021

9 December 2020

The Feature Film The Redneg premieres worldwide on Film platforms on Mars 2:nd, 2021. On many major streaming services you will be able to rent or buy the film. The Redneg which has won multiple Awards from different film festivals is produced by Jake Sakima and directed by Luc Ziann. Actors: Jake Sakima, Vivianne Treschow, Isabelle Pedone, Astrid Johnsson, Inna Syzonenko, Elisabeth Kovacs, Felicia Englund, Hanna Palm, Emelie Dahlskog, Peter Jönsson, Kenneth Svensson Nebojša Grbić. 

Stay tuned for updates!

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The Redneg continues to receive awards!

30 November 2020

The Regneg continues to recieve more awards in multiple Film Festivals!

Hollywood Gold Awards Finalist

Asian Cinematography Award Finalist
European Cinematography Award Semi-Finalist
New York City Film Festival Narrative Feature Finalist
The Buddha International Film Festival Finalist
Crown Wood International Film Festival Finalist
Motion Pictures International Film Festival Finalist

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30 October 2020

The newspaper Helsingborg Dagblad writes another article about The Redneg and the brothers success with the movie!

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Get your ticket to Theatre 'Hello and Goodbye' !

20 October 2020

Tickets for the show Hello and Goodbye by Athol Fugard are now being released! The first performance kicks off on November 13 and continues on November 14, 15, 20 and 21 at Teaterverket Västman! In the roles of Hester and Johnny, we see Isabelle Pedone and Jörgen Bengtsson. Directed by Bijan Mirnikjoo, light by Christina Kamma.

Get your ticket here:


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More awards for Feature FIlm The Redneg!

16 October 2020

The Regneg recieve award in following categories:
BEST FEATURE FILM New York Movie Awards

News: Nyheter
Skärmbild (18).png

4 October 2020

Article about the feature film The Redneg. How the film was made - from a dream two brothers had and no budget, to reality. Enjoy the article here.

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The film 'Recall' wins Noomaraton Stockholm and is through to the National Final!

19 September, 2020

'Recall' participated in the film competition Noomaraton, which involves creating a film in 24 hours according to specific criteria: theme, locations and props.

Motivation of the jury for the win: "In this film, the creators have worked with this year's theme "New time / present" in a creative way to say the least. Well-produced with fine acting efforts. We like the unexpected twist. The film has a highly topical theme where the boundaries between now and then are blurred."

Watch film here

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The Redneg WINNER
of FOUR awards in Las Vegas Film Festival

14 September, 2020

The Regneg recieve four awards in several categories in the Award of Excellence in The Las Vegas Film Festival.


BEST INDIE FEATURE - Award of Excellence
BEST 1st TIME SCREENWRITER - Award of Excellence

BEST 1st TIME PRODUCER - Award of Excellence

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The Redneg Film Premiere

3 September, 2020

Premiere and first time screening of feature film The Redneg at Zita Folkets Biograf, Stockholm.

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The Redneg selected to several Film Festivals!

1 September, 2020

The Redneg has offically been selected to Venice Film Festival, Montreal Independent Film Festival and Las Vegas Film Festival.

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16 August, 2020

The local newspaper "Hallandsposten" writes a piece about the horror movie 'Eihwaz' that is being filmed in Laholm, Halland County, Sweden.

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12 Mars, 2019

Article in local newspaper "Sala Allehanda" about the movie that is being made by Gert Wibe and Peter Östlund about Ivan Aguéli, in the municipality Sala where Aguéli was born.

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